Pharmaceutical Laboratory Mixer is suitable for the widest range of applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating, and dissolving - with efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines. It offers excellent reproducibility when scaling up to full scale production and provides an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance under full scale working conditions. Laboratory mixers are used to mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and dissolve samples. There are several basic types of products


Fully Automatic Tablet Counting & Filling Machine is suitable for counting and filling hard gelatin capsules, soft gels, coated tablets, tablets, bean or ball shaped objects, round pills and other solid material.


Label Printing Machine is used to print primary, secondary, top, bottom, wraparound or multi-panel variable product identification labeling. Labeling Machines are suitable for Labeling on Round Vials, Bottles and other round objects.