Growrich Manufacturing Inc. is a toll manufacturing company that caters to the food and pharmaceutical industry. We provide manufacturing services for our clients who produce and market Services such as, but not limited to, vitamins, minerals, drugs, placebos, coffee, sugar, plant extracts, herbals and various food Services and supplements in different forms of consumption such as capsules, tablets, syrups, suspensions, effervescent, granules, powders, creams, lotions, instant drinks and mixes etc. Being a toll manufacturer, companies outsource manufacturing to us to decrease time, capital and equipment required to produce their goods.

We have over 10 years of experience working with various pharmaceutical companies and producers of food Services and dietary supplements in the Philippines and Asia, offering practical and customized solutions at every point of the food and pharmaceutical value chain. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in delivering our services at the quickest possible time, from co-development of new Services to product licensing to manufacturing up to market release. We manufacture in accordance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thus ensuring product quality and safety for the benefit of our clients and end-users.

Close collaboration with our clients with added support from our various partners guarantees tailor-fit and first-rate Services that not only sell well but also bids well to every patron. We continuously strive for innovation and invest in research and development to design and customize Services that meet the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. We aim to establish long-term alliances – with our customers as well as with our suppliers.


In the hype of research and promotion for the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in the year 2004, Growrich Food Manufacturing was born in Catanuan, Quezon - a coconut producing province in the Philippines. It is the first manufacturing company which exclusively produced the patented Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil in Hand Gel Capsule, supplying the demand both locally and abroad. It also manufactured and packed VCO in bottles and drums.

In the year 2004, during the hype of research and promotion for the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Growrich Food Manufacturing was born. The company was then based in Catanauan, Quezon, a coconut-producing province in the Philippines, where VCO Services packed in bottles and drums were manufactured. Growrich Food Manufacturing also started exclusively manufacturing the first and only patented FDA-approved Virgin Coconut Oil in Hard Gel Capsule, supplying the demand both locally and abroad.

In August 2006, Growrich Food Manufacturing Incorporated was upgraded into Growrich Manufacturing Incorporated to meet the growing demand of manufacturing services not only for VCO but also for other food Services and supplements as well. The company was transferred to Caloocan City, procured new and more advanced facilities and equipment to suit the needs for larger scale manufacturing with compliance to FDA requirements.

Today, Growrich Manufacturing Inc. has grown, with more than 30 companies under its services, and is still expanding. The company now caters drug Services with ongoing expansion for cosmetics.

Core Values


Quality is viewed not only through the product but more so through every process and in every person involved in making it, from conceptualization to market release, especially up to the product’s impact to end-users.


Ingenuity involves resourcefulness and creativity. With or without abundant resources, efficient production is to be maintained through clever management of supplies and innovations to produce great outputs.


The company emphasizes the concept of care for every product and service it provides. Every product is made with proper handling, with the welfare of the end-user as well as each employee and client in mind. Caring for Services and processes is a good as caring for the welfare of people.


Relationships within and outside the company are highly valued. Each person involved in the company, whether an agent, supplier, client or employee, is considered as family. Every member of this family is treasured and assisted in many ways possible. This reflects the company's unique capacity to sustain and create strong internal and external commitments.


Growrich Manufacturing Incorporated is envisioned to become the most preferred and recognized Filipino-owned toll manufacturing company in Asia and the world that produces top quality food, drug and cosmetic Services through world-class facilities, innovations, technologies and standards.


Growrich Manufacturing Incorporated is committed to partake in the maintenance and improvement of good health and quality of life by manufacturing the highest quality food and drug Services that meets and even exceeds current industry standards and practices on time and on budget.